How to Add Truck in GIM Partner App

Get more trips by adding trucks in GIM partner app. The GIM is in demand of all kinds of trucks and you will get the service all around the Bangladesh. So register in GIM with the type of truck you have. The truck will not sit idle for trips anymore. 

In previous tutorial, you have seen the process of how to register. So now see the steps to add trucks: 

  • Press truck icon by logging into the GIM Partner app 
  • Press the truck sign above
  • Enter the registration number of the truck and the registration certificate date
  • Select type of truck and tons 
  • Size of the truck (not mandatory)
  • Specify the number of tires and brand name of the truck
  • Specify the model name and model year
  • Then press Next
  • Provide any of the information of truck’s registration certificate, route permit certificate and fitness certificate
  • Suppose, you are trying to give the registration certificate image
  • Go to the photo capture option or select from Gallery
  • Provide expiration date 
  • Image of bank document and case document (not mandatory)
  • Then press Next
  • Provide front and back image of the truck with number plate
  • Full truck image and inside image with dashboard
  • Press submit to allow
  • Finishing the process by pressing submit

See the Tutorial in Pictures for Better Understanding  

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