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How to Create a Trip in GIM Customer App

Creating a trip in GIM Customer App is very easy. A trip can be created easily by following certain steps. You can also write in “instruction box” while creating a trip in GIM Customer App if there is a special instruction or labor requirement. 

In previous tutorials, you have seen how to Register in the GIM Customer App. Today you will see how to create a trip.

Trip Creating Steps: 

  • Press Create Trip
  • Date and time of product load
  • Address of product load and address of unload
  • After the address of the product load and the address of the unload, press SET DROP OFF ADDRESS
  • Specify the type and size of the truck. You can specify the dimensions of the truck
  • Select Product Type
  • Enter the name and mobile number of the product Accepter
  • Enter the instruction box if there are specific instructions
  • Give product photos
  • To see the trip details Press CREATE THE TRIP
  • Once the trip is created wait for the bids

See the Tutorial in Pictures for Better Understanding.

Once you accept a bid, truck will arrive shortly. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the finest online trucking service in Bangladesh.

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